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opencart extension development

Hello friends,

Today I am going to share my experience with  opencart e-commerce platform

Let me share my story of working with opencart 😊

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How to install ionic framework , create and deploy mobile application

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Hello friends ,

using Ionic framework its really easy and faster to develop mobile application for multiple platforms like ios and android. some performance issue is there with device feature access but if your application is not using much of device features and only database access than its really great to use Ionic framework for mobile application development.

from last week I stared making my hands dirty with ionic framework :).  I faced many problems during ionic installation , creation of application and deployment to android device. still ionic installation and application creation is easy but deployment to android device is tricky. I referred many YouTube videos, blogs and tips and tricks to make it possible to deploy my test application to android device.

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Opencart site hacked – my experience as a web developer

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During last week one of my client called me and informed me that his site was hacked. he asked me regarding what to do next ??  but before i start analyzing the site he told me not to do anything why ?? because he asked the hosting provider to provide files and database from their backup. after one day my client called me and told me that ” hosting provider is not having any backup and just you need to fix the issue”.

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how opencart login works

In this  post I am going to discuss regarding the opencart login say HOW OPENCART LOGIN WORKS.Files used in login functionality are

1) /oc2302/catalog/controller/account/login.php


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Well Begun Is Half Done

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hello friends,

its my first post and just introductory one. I believe in “well begun is half done”. I am hoping to provide many and paid scripts, great blogs etc. regarding me I am experienced programmer and I can work on all most any language. huhhh new language wont take much time to learn because I am great learner. before starting this web platform I have referred many great blogs regularly like

this blogs inspired me to start my blog and share  good information with friends like you. I have decided to post at least two posts per week regularly.

I have created email subscription facility so you may subscribe to my blog easily.

good day,